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[Notice] Questions to Satellite Symposium - KARL STORZ

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Name KSELS 2020 Date20-09-01 17:05 Hit1,124


KSELS 2020

Questions to Dr. Thomas Carus <Satellite Symposium- KARL STORZ>


We apologize for any sudden connection problems during the Satellite Symposium - KARL STORZ Q & A held on Aug 28(Fri)Please forward your questions and suggestions to the Secretariat (info@ksels.com), and we will forward them to Dr. Thomas Carus and notify you later at the KSELS 2020 Homepage. 


8/28(금)에 진행되었던 Satellite Symposium - KARL STORZ Q & A 진행 시 갑작스런 연결문제로 질의응답 시간이 충분하지 않았던 것에 사과드립니다.

추가 질의응답을 사무국으로 전달주시면 (info@ksels.com)

Dr. Thomas Carus 에게 전달하여 추후 홈페이지에 공지하도록 하겠습니다



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