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[Notice] Only for KSELS 2020 & KAROS Virtual Congress Chairs/Speakers.

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Name KSELS 2020 Date20-08-25 16:59 Hit1,063


KSELS 2020

Dear KSELS 2020 & KAROS Virtual Congress Chairs/Speakers,


As previously announced, live Q&A will be held on Zoom during the Virtual Congress period.


Please refer to the Zoom instructions and virtual background in the following link, so please be aware of the guidelines.


Live Q&A – Zoom Guidelines (eng): http://www.ksels.com/data/KSELS2020_zoom_eng.pdf

Live Q&A – Zoom Guidelines (kor): http://www.ksels.com/data/KSELS2020_zoom.pdf

Live Q&A – Zoom Access Links (Only for Chairs/Speakers): http://www.ksels.com/data/KSELS2020_ZOOM_LINKS.pdf

Virtual Back Ground: http://www.ksels.com/data/VirtualBackGround.jpg


KSELS 2020 & KAROS Congress Secretariat 

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